For better or worse, I am a completely self-taught programmer. For years I worked as a high school band teacher in a small school district in Missouri, but in April of 2016 I decided to learn to code.

I didn't initially have any specific goals in mind, and I certainly wasn't looking for a career change, but as I started to dig in I discovered that I actually really liked it, and I was prett good at it as well. I found myself spending almost all my free time doing projects, reading articles and going through The Odin Project,which was my primary learning resource, especially in the beginning.

Almost exactly a year after diving in I was offered a position as a front-end web developer and I decided to go ahead with the career shift. I've written a little more about my Journey here. These days I work from home most of the time and I'm loving it!

As far as my personal life, I live in Missouri with my wife and three kids. Besides programming I have an intense love for music, I was a band teacher after all. I play guitar in my church band and compose music, which you can check out below, if you like. Recently, I've begun learning to play the piano and I can confidently say I'm horrible at it. I've been posting progress vids on YouTube.. so if that's your type of thing, feel free to go laugh at me a bit.

I spend a decent amount of my free-time helping people learn to code or jazz up their web-designs and over the last couple years I've even had some people offer to pay me for helping them. I'm not looking to start a mentoring business or anthing like that, but enough people have mentioned it that I decided to set up a "Buy me a coffee" page. If I've helped you in some way and you fancy giving back, click the button! I will almost definitely be spending the cash on ACTUAL coffee.

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Check out my best work on GITHUB.



Most of these projects are a bit old at this point. They're mostly things I created while I was learning. I've left them here from now because a few of them are still kinda fun to play with. Take a peek at my GitHub profile if you want to see what I'm up to these days.


A little toy for creating musical loops, with the ability to implement a little randomness for interest.
built with javascript using the Tone.js library.

Check it out here.


Classic snake game... you eat the food, grow, don't hit the walls... good luck! 😎

Check it out here.


Game that was built with a healthy combination of Javascript and Ruby on Rails.
Select a Puzzle then click on Waldo when you find him!

Check it out here.

Space Dungeon Pew Pew

Space Dungeon Pew Pew is a fairly traditional rogue-like game. If you don't know what that means then it's probably going to be fairly confusing to you. The most confusing part is which keys to use, but there are instructions that you can access at any time by pressing '?'

Good Luck.

Check it out here.


Ok.. tic-tac-toe is a foolishly simple game, and the code is easy to write, so I decided to spice it up a bit and write a "perfect" bot.
You can't win this game. Try it...

Check it out here.

Pico-8 GAMES

I've been toying with making little games with Pico-8.. they're pretty random control with the arrow keys,k 'X' and 'Z'

Space Battle.

Jazzy Jeff.

EDM Blastoff.

See the code and much more on GITHUB


I love music.. and I enjoy composing and producing it. I am currently a high school band teacher by profession, regularly play guitar in my church's band and I have two other musical projects as well.


There is no film associated with this music of course, but I enjoy composing and producing this style of music. If you are needing music for a project and want to use one of these tracks, or if you are needing some original music composed, feel free to contact me.


I also enjoy composing some more exciting electronic music under the moniker VIKING JUNIOR. Turn it up! 🔥


Hit me up on TWITTER or LINKEDIN, check out my GITHUB, or use the form below to send me an email message. I'm not famous yet, so I promise I'll reply... and probably quite promptly.