For better or worse, I am a completely self-taught programmer. For years I worked as a high school band teacher in a small school district in Missouri, but in April of 2016 I decided to learn to code.

I didn't initially have any specific goals in mind, and I certainly wasn't looking for a career change, but as I started to dig in I discovered that I actually really liked it, and I was actually quite good at it as well. I found myself spending almost all my free time doing projects, reading articles and going through The Odin Project,which was my primary learning resource, especially in the beginning.

Almost exactly a year after diving in I was offered a position as a front-end web developer and I decided to go ahead with the career shift. I've written a little more about my Journey here. These days I work from home most of the time and I'm loving it!

As far as my personal life, I live in Missouri with my wife and three kids. Besides programming I have an intense love for music, I was a band teacher after all. I play guitar in my church band and compose music, which you can check out below, if you like.


Check out my best work on GITHUB.



Most of these projects are a bit old at this point. They're mostly things I created while I was learning. I've left them here from now because a few of them are still kinda fun to play with. Take a peek at my GitHub profile if you want to see what I'm up to these days.


A little toy for creating musical loops, with the ability to implement a little randomness for interest.
built with javascript using the Tone.js library.

Check it out here.


Classic snake game... you eat the food, grow, don't hit the walls... good luck! 😎

Check it out here.


Game that was built with a healthy combination of Javascript and Ruby on Rails.
Select a Puzzle then click on Waldo when you find him!

Check it out here.


This one is a clone of the classic board game Mastermind. Guess numbers and follow the clues to break the code. (watch out for duplicate numbers!)

Check it out here.


Ok.. tic-tac-toe is a foolishly simple game, and the code is easy to write, so I decided to spice it up a bit and write a "perfect" bot.
You can't win this game. Try it...

Check it out here.

Pico-8 GAMES

I've been toying with making little games with Pico-8.. they're pretty random

Jazzy Jeff.

Space Battle.

EDM Blastoff.

See the code and much more on GITHUB


I love music.. and I enjoy composing and producing it. I am currently a high school band teacher by profession, regularly play guitar in my church's band and I have two other musical projects as well.


There is no film associated with this music of course, but I enjoy composing and producing this style of music. If you are needing music for a project and want to use one of these tracks, or if you are needing some original music composed, feel free to contact me.


I also enjoy composing some more exciting electronic music under the moniker VIKING JUNIOR. Turn it up! 🔥


Hit me up on TWITTER or LINKEDIN, check out my GITHUB, or use the form below to send me an email message. I'm not famous yet, so I promise I'll reply... and probably quite promptly.